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Harshit Garg

It totally depends on the project. are you doing end to end transformation, which all geographies are included, doing for all verticals and so much more.

I don’t think we can put any such timeline to this but we can definitely speed up the process by following some of the things

1. Have clear goal on what to be done in the implementation
2. Set the right processes prior to starting the digital transformation (follow best practices)
3. Master Data Management done right
4. Training the team to understand the implication of the program, benefits, the extra stretch required and having all the resourcing ready.

Its like you are building your dream house and you would want the plans to be final, contractor and architects to be final, detail description of the products to be used which could make the implementation faster.

I think, fast should not be the goal- be efficient & effective and avoid any requirement lapses.