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    Hello Innovators,

    My name is Khushal, your moderator for the aim10x Forum. We want to make this forum a space to share knowledge. To do that, we have a few guidelines to follow. Please follow these to keep this forum an open and collaborative space while being respectful.

    By joining aim10x Community platform and participating in this Forum activity you agree to abstain from:
    1. Marketing, spam, trolling, or self-promotion where irrelevant to the conversation
    2. Belittling others’ ideas or opinions
    3. Hate speech or harassment
    4. Profane or sexually explicit language
    5. Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, military or veteran status, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, accent, dialect, or national origin, etc.
    6. Sexual attention of any kind or solicitation of sex, sexual acts, sexual photography/videography Unprofessional or personal comments regarding a person’s lifestyle choices and practices including those related to food, health, parenting, drugs, clothing, and employment Deliberate misgendering or use of “dead” or rejected names
    7. Threats of violence and incitement of violence towards any individual or group, including encouraging a person to commit suicide or to engage in self-harm
    8. Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following
    9. Sustained disruption of discussion
    10. Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease
    11. Publication of non-harassing private communication

    Nguyen Thao Nguyen

    Thank you very much for the information you have provided. Hope you will have more interesting information

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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