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Building High-Performing Teams Through Empathy

Tracey Allen shares her secrets to overcoming imposter syndrome, building high-performing teams, and developing the leadership required to deliver a successful digital transformation.

Supply chain organizations are losing talent—fast.

While most departments suffered high levels of attrition during the Great Resignation period of the pandemic, “turnover is 33% higher in supply chain organizations compared to pre-pandemic levels,” according to Gartner,

With nearly half of employees saying they are open to leaving their jobs in a recent Gallup survey, the market for highly qualified talent remains tight.

As supply chain functions struggle to attract, hire and retain the uniquely skilled talent required to operate world-class networks, how should leaders adapt their approach to building the high-performing teams required to drive digital transformation success?

In this episode, we sit down with Tracey Allen, Vice President of IT Procurement at Nokia, to discuss how she’s developed the teams, leadership and talent uniquely suited to drive digital transformations in procurement throughout her career.

Tracey joins host Caleb Masters to cover: 

  • How she built her IT procurement team and unlocked their potential to deliver results while working remotely during the pandemic.
  • Why listening and leading with empathy is essential to maximizing your team and department’s performance.
  • Her approach to leveraging a unique strengths-based approach to coaching individuals within a high-performing team

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LeadershipProfessional DevelopmentTalent Development
Caleb Masters

Host, Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Tracey Allen

Vice President of IT Procurement, Nokia

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