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How Planning Technologies Are Driving Innovation

Learn about the emerging technologies that are
reshaping the enterprise planning landscape.

Over the past 15 years, emerging technologies for consumers have advanced incredibly fast and also changed our expectations of how technology can enhance our lives. With a few taps on our smartphones, we can access apps where we can place an order that arrives within days or hours, re-route us past a traffic jam on our commute home, or listen to a highly personalized music playlist. 

On the enterprise side, software innovation hasn’t been as fast. Legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms have been the standard technology for four decades, but emerging technologies are now beginning to innovate and evolve the enterprise planning landscape. 

So, how are today’s emerging technologies transforming enterprise planning?

In this episode of Masters of Digital Transformation, host Caleb Masters is joined by Rafael Calderon, Principal at Deloitte Consulting, and Patrick Lemoine, Vice President of Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions, to discuss: 

  • How new data platforms can facilitate innovation and new business processes that help to break down the “data fiefdoms” and organizational silos.
  • An emerging stack, based on data, that can be “layered” onto a traditional ERP platform and allow companies to gain the knowledge and insights that inform better decision-making.
  • What can be learned from companies that have already started this data-driven journey and have built these new transformative digital platforms 

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Demand Planning
Rafael Calderon

Principal at Deloitte Consulting

Patrick Lemoine

VP, Global Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters

Host, Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

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