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How to Build Two Multi-Billion Dollar Companies

Sanjiv Sidhu shares lessons learned from his experience founding i2 Technologies and co-founding o9 Solutions.

According to digital transformation visionary Sanjiv Sidhu “A large percentage of digital transformations fail because people are not clear about what they are trying to do.” Sidhu is the inspirational co-founder of i2 Technologies and o9 Solutions: Two multi-billion dollar companies. Throughout his career, he has consistently aimed to revolutionize the supply chain with technology to help global companies across a variety of industries transform their planning and decision-making capabilities in an age of volatility and complexity.

What are the secrets he’s gleaned from his wealth of experience?

In this episode, Sidhu joins host Caleb Masters to discuss:

  • His career progression from Texas Instruments to o9 Solutions.
  • The early, groundbreaking impact of AI on supply chain planning.
  • Effective change management and the steps to scaling up.
  • The power of prioritization: The Pareto Principle.
  • The role talent and processes play in successfully scaling digital transformation within a business.

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Sanjiv Sidhu

Co-Founder of o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters

Host, Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

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